Covid 19 could be politically motivated

Because of failure of Italy to lockdown, COVID-19 has devastated the country. In 24hrs -919 new coronavirus deaths, raising death toll to 9,134. We are also making similar mistake in Nigeria.


Are you aware that your phone can play host to pathogens?

👉It makes no sense if you wash your hands ten times in an hour and still pick up your phone with the same hand.

⚠You’ll still be at a high risk of getting infected, you know?

⚠You should also sanitize your smartphones frequently, with alcohol-based sanitizers and wipe down the back, front and sides of your device.

👉Same applies to your laptops too.

⚠This is going to be a long ride. You better be ready for it.

⚠If you’re still using a handkerchief, it’s time to STOP it. A handkerchief can play host to pathogens too.

⚠You should use a disposable wipe, instead. Wipe and dispose immediately.

👉Remember to fix your bank/ATM issues, if you got any.

👉This isn’t the time to say I don’t need an ATM card. See, you need it.

👉I tell you most solemnly, you need it.

👉Go get an active ATM card now.

⚠Stock up your home with foodstuffs, vitamin C, paracetamol, cough syrups, water, tissue paper, liquid soaps, hand sanitizers, drinks, disposable wipes, a clipper, toothpaste, disinfectants(spray), etc.

👉Make sure you have small money at home, even if it’s only 100k.

👉If you live in the urban regions like most of us, please send some money home for your people at home to stock up too.

👉We currently have 30 confirmed cases in Nigeria + one suspected case in Katsina state (sample has been taken and result is expected).

👉Chances are now 50/50 that the coming weeks will either be horrible or good.

👉We pray for things to greatly improve, at the same time, we have to prepare for the worse.

👉Always say a prayer and be close to your loved ones.

⚠If anyone visits home from the Abroad, don’t be in a haste to go see the person.😅

⚠ Advice them to self-isolate for 14 days.

⚠When you notice a suspected case, or see someone develop symptoms, don’t take the person to the church, herbalist, etc. Hospital is where they should visit.

Avoid large gathering of people.


👉Cancel every hangout plan you have with your buddies, for now.

👉Cancel every birthday party you’ve planned, for now.

👉Cancel every owambe, etc. for now.

☦It’s better you’re safe than sober.

👉Those in Lagos, please as much as you can, STOP using the BRT for now.

👉If you can afford it, use Uber/taxify or share your ride with one or two persons.

⚠You already know that you should sneeze into your elbow or wipes. You should also cough into your wipes and dispose.

👉Worship God in your house, for now.

👉Schools, etc. have now vacated for Coro and shutdown for now.

👉This is the best time to take online classes.

👉The demand for remote work has increased in the last few days. Take advantage of it now.


☦While we hope and pray that this pandemic ends soon, we should also do our best to protect ourselves and our loved ones by observing the WHO guidelines for prevention.

☦By God’s grace, we shall not lose anyone in this fight. Obedience to the core is better!


Ogbeni Sofo
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