BREAKING: 3rd Corona Virus case confirmed in Lagos.

The third case of novel coronavirus infection has been confirmed in Lagos this morning.

Breaking! The third case of #COVID19NIGERIA confirmed in Lagos. – This is a new case independent of the index case – 30-year-old Nigerian, female – Returned from the UK on 13th March – Observed self-Isolation, developed symptoms – Tested positive – Now at Mainland GH receiving care.

The third case of novel coronavirus infection has been confirmed in Lagos this morning.

FG should suspend all flights from highly affected countries until further notice. (Audio Coronavirus)

Coronavirus: Updated 15th March 2020 with guidance for mass gathering, case management guidelines, radio jingle, updated case definition, FAQs and public health advisory. The following resources on #COVID19 have been developed by the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control: THREAD

The United States and the United Kingdom have repeatedly goofed with their Coronavirus response strategy. Maybe our own is underreported but we must appreciate our health workers in Nigeria. Over time, health workers regardless of party or government in Nigeria πŸ‡³πŸ‡¬ have stepped up when needed. Imagine if they had more funding.

Here’s a guide on How to Self-Isolate Yourself Against Covid-19

Reactions to the 3rd case of coronavirus in Lagos.

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