Confusion in Akure as explosion rocks the Sunshine State leaving many homeless

Akure Explosion: Governor Rotimi Akeredolu rages fire, promises compensation to victims as he established the fact that the firm that owned those explosives will be responsible for the compensations.

As at the time of filing this report, no fewer than 100 families have been left homeless with buildings, schools, and churches turned to dust by a bomb blast along Owo/Akure highway.

Adekunle Ade-Onojobi reporting from Ondo.

Confusion in Akure as explosion rocks the Sunshine State leaving many homeless

Sofo has learned, no fewer than 100 residential buildings, religious centers, and schools were destroyed by an explosion suspected to be a bomb blast, at an early hour of Saturday, in Akure, the Ondo State capital.

The blast which has caused lots of damages and panicking in the state occurred 1 am in the early hours of the morning. The blast cut off the Akure/Owo road while many people were reported to be injured at the time of gathering the details.

The incident happened less than a kilometer to the popular Akure Airport, and the residents of Eleyowo, Obaile, Osi, Iluabo community and other neighboring settlements along the Akure/Owo expressway were the most affected.

According to an eye witness, a church, Possibility Church, was completely removed from the face of the earth during the blast and many people who reside around the church were said to have been rescued due to injuries sustained. Another incident was of a boarding school that was affected beyond recognition with roofs blown off.

The blast had prevented vehicular movement for people going to Akure or from Owo and vice-versa. The residents said they believe the blast was caused by bombs, meanwhile, the Nigerian Police are yet to ascertain the cause of the explosion and still investigating the matter.

The Ondo State Police PRO, Tee-Leo Ikoro, confirmed to SOFO that a report of the incident had been received but they were yet to determine the cause of the blast.

“I and the Commissioner of Police are on our way to the scene of the incident right now, once we are able to assess the state of the situation, we can come clear as to what actually happened and I will let you get the details.”

In other news, some social media reports suggest that the blast could have emanated from bombs being transported through the highway by security personnel. While some are saying the Akure blast was a bomb. But according to a NASA update yesterday, there was an incident of a NASA-tracked rock that will swing past the Earth estimated to travel at 30,000MPH speed. This could be a sign of the NASA warning.

But, so far, SOFO cannot ascertain that yet unless the services of Geologists and Space experts are employed to supervise the site of the unfortunate impact to confirm if it was truly an asteroid or bomb. As of now, no fewer than 100 families have been left homeless with over 100 residential buildings, schools, and churches turned to dust by an incident suspected to be bomb blast along Owo/Akure highway this morning. 

More updates coming…

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