Ìbàdàn unrest – daylight robbery in another dimension

Ogun unrest was just two days ago, Lagos took the baton yesterday and now, news coming from all angle are confirming that armed robbers are pitching their tents across Ìbàdàn as of the time of filling this report.

With this Ìbàdàn unrest, it is high time the government of all levels step up and provide relief materials to these poor people, especially the thugs they most make use of during political campaigns.

They (the thugs) are now the one turning on the citizens, killing and forcefully taking what is not theirs in retaliation to the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown.

I am always of the opinion that;

Human beings cannot be locked inside the house for days without a proper means of livelihood.

With the way things are looking, people on the streets, I mean the supposed poor population, are not buying the Covid-19 narratives at all.

In fact, some of them are claiming it is Audio Covid-19. Hence there’s no need to run from it.

They just want to get back to their usual life of hustling and feeding their families. And maybe, expecting the days of reckoning where government will truly care about its citizens.

If the government want these people to obey the stay at home restriction order, they must provide relief materials like foods and groceries, then enforce the restriction order.

Anyone caught after that knows within himself that he is going to jail for disobeying the law. A law put in place by a government that has made provisions available for them before locking down indoor.

Ogbeni Sofo
the authorOgbeni Sofo
In my few years on this planet, I have learnt some core values of living. One of these is to live well and be truthful. In as much as I’d like to be your aproko mate, don’t mistake my facts for clickbaits. I write to inspire and educate. Sometimes, I might seems to be fortunate (without the UN prefix) to you but trust me, I am not who you think 🤔 I am. I am just me, OGBENI SOFO!

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