Spoken Words: Kálùkú by Amazing Blessing [Lyrics]

Amazing Blessing, one of the Nigerian promising creative act in the entertainment and educational sector. She just released her official spoken words act for her audience.
In this new release, she emphasize the importance of being and how we should always care for ourselves.

Eniyan gives birth to kaluku.
Kaluku is endowed with wonderful gifts. These gifts paved ways for envy because kaluku lacks contentment.
Kadara reveals the difference between kaluku. Olodunmare is the source of kadara onikaluku.

Kaluku is personalism
Kaluku is individualism
Kaluku is you
Kaluku is me
Kaluku is us
Kaluku will go one day, so why is kaluku endangering the lives of kaluku?
Kaluku will experience the outgoing of the spirit engross with six feet. Kaluku enough is enough.let kaluku end their grievance. Instead of wasting the live of kaluku. Remember eleda will call kaluku and you will balance the sheet both on credit and debit sides
Kaluku should love kaluku and let longer kaluku live.
I don’t want to loose kaluku again lailai

Ogbeni Sofo
the authorOgbeni Sofo
In my few years on this planet, I have learnt some core values of living. One of these is to live well and be truthful. In as much as I’d like to be your aproko mate, don’t mistake my facts for clickbaits. I write to inspire and educate. Sometimes, I might seems to be fortunate (without the UN prefix) to you but trust me, I am not who you think 🤔 I am. I am just me, OGBENI SOFO!

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