Ogun Unrest Amidst Covid-19 Lockdown as Armed Robbers/Thieves Goes on Robbing Spree

Ogun Unrest Amidst Covid-19 Lockdown, Armed Robbers and Thieves on rampage, carting away valuables and robbing people off their goods.

There is ongoing unrest in Ogun state as armed robbers are on robbing spree across the state, stealing and robbing people off valuables.

It took the Nigerian police force less than 24 hours to arrest Funke Akindele over the disobedience of the president’s restriction and social distancing order, but Ogun state has been under siege of armed robbers and thieves for days now, and the culprits are yet to be caught. The armed Robbers and thieves have been terrorizing the Ogun state residents, carting away possessions and valuables from the victims. SOFO.ng believes it is high-time the men of the Nigerian Police Force to do the needful and help salvage the situation of things before it gets out of hard, especially in this festive season.

Four persons reportedly died at Adiyan due to the robberies going on. Two of them were the thieves while the others are the residents who engaged in a physical tussle with the robbers.

The residents had to fight the robbers themselves. It is not enough for the Police to pass with siren, they need to be deployed in those areas or more will die.

An anonymous resident says,

We had to give the fight back to the thieves because they are making life difficult for us during these period of hardship in the state. We cannot stay inside and get ourselves killed. We are ready for whatever is coming now.

One of the residents in the affect area posted via Whatsapp narrating his unfortunate experience, saying;

If you are still up and can see this…my hood is being robbed notoriously by armed robbers. They are about a hundred armed men using bikes to operate. This area I am talking about is from Agbado to Sango; Adiyan, Oke-aro, Ope-Ilu, Itoki, Abule, Ogba-Ayo up to Sango. They are spread all around robbing people and this has started since yesterday as they stroked from Ifo in Ogun state.

One of the residents narrates the ordeal of Ogun residents during the Ogun unrest.

SOFO can confirm that two days ago, a similar incident took place in Ifo, taking the lives of the resident in the process. Some of the residents have taken to Twitter to express their displeasure at the state of the situation.

EroBaba posted saying,

The irresponsibility of our leaders is costing lives. The government can do better. You told these guys to stay home, help them do that without fear. Deploy security men there for God’s sake.

Another one by handle @SammyChool said,

Our government won’t do any better the best they can do is the shi they are doing now they are deadly than covid19 …our pain is opening our eyes and it is making us see none of them should remain on that seat. Our lives now our duty to protect now, and not even police duty.

Another resident posted saying,

Most of us on the other side of Adiyan had to stay awake till around 4:00 AM-4:30 AM. I am even scared to come out sef… It is so silent here. We don’t even know what to do next.

People are not taking the Ogun unrest lightly as they were voicing out their minds, pinpointing the blame on the government’s inability to curtail civil unrests emanating from a minority of issues.

Tolu is a small fish in the grand scheme of things. The problem starts at the top. How can one country have so many security issues? From Boko haram to the UniJos massacre and now it’s armed robbery. What is our government doing? How do they justify their salary?

This has been some of the fears we expressed might happen during the lockdown and we are asking security agents to do the needful. This is just beginning and would spread across the country if nothing is done by the government. Anarchy is looming in our Nation.

We must not give in to this kind of evil act, the government must react with proper relief materials to make every family stay home and stay safe. If there is food to eat, people would stay at home.

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