Ogun Unrest & Lagos Unrest: Amotekun to the rescue?

Ogun Unrest Amidst Covid-19 Lockdown, Armed Robbers and Thieves on rampage, carting away valuables and robbing people off their goods.

In the wake of the Ogun unrest and inability of the police in nailing down the daylight robbers, the residents and other internet users have questioned the purpose of the combined security outfit in the south west codename, Amotekun.

With all these reported Ogun robberies #OgunUnsafe #OgunUnrest why can’t the Governor @dabiodunMFR deploy Amotekun or should the question be why is Amotekun still not functional. This is the right opportunity for them to prove their prowess and justify their existence!

Sofo.ng reported yesterday that some groups of hoodlums have taken to the streets in different parts of Ogun state, carting away prized possessions and killing owners in the process. Today, we can confirm that the same act had adversly spread to Lagos state thereby leading to many homes reporting different cases of robbery attacks and lost of lives. These inhumane act has had a very bad impact on the residents in a time that Covid-19 pandemic has restricted people to their homes. Going out will violate the restrictions order, and that could lead to punishment like the case of Funke Akindele and Naira Marley.

In a country where law and order is a big thing on a piece of paper, not in actual sense realistic…where security of lives and properties are at owner’s discretion, people have a lot at stake to weather the storm of this festive season filled with mixed reactions.

First, Christians cannot go out to celebrate the crucifixion of Jesus Christ during this Easter with their loved ones. They had to stay at home. The same home is where thieves and armed robbers are robbing every day in the ongoing unrest in Lagos and Ogun state.

Secondly, there are no provisions from the government to keep people in door. What would they eat? These types of poor people on the street could summon negative courage in paying back by forming the most formidable team in robbing off others who have what they don’t.

I used to tell many of my friends who are in support of the lockdown to think it twice. You can’t lockdown if there are no provisions, it would lead to unrest.

An idle hand is not just the devil, it is a Satan’s permanent office.

Uncle Sofo

You can only control people when you have a say in their way of livelihood in a turbulent times, especially in a time like this where it seems we’re in a Machiavellian era.

People are living in fear of what they don’t even know nothing about. Food is costly, and there not enough money in circulation to even procure little they can gather.

There is no way, these people would not retaliate by robbing others who have little or much. It is now a case of fish eats fish. Everybody is after survival.

Amotekun was in our hood last night tho at kola, chanting and making traditional Yorùbá chants with cutlass, calling their name, they patrolled till around 6, was awake with them.

Unknown resident in the affected areas of the Ogun and Lagos unrest

The government can be proactive at this moment by deploying Amotekun to the rescue. But before they do that, measures needs to be in place for reaching the unreached in the society. They can start a food feeding and delivery project to go house to house in touching people, especially on states with strict lockdown orders.

Another thing they can do is, embarking on the general bank payment process to all the citizens, irrespective of their financial status. This is not the right time to castigate the rich against the poor when you don’t have proper data to determine who is who.

Video: Four of Ogun unrest armed robbers have been caught

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