Without a doubt, the beginning of the new decade seems like a nightmare to many of us as the coronavirus pandemic has ravaged the world killing tens of thousands in some countries.

Economies are affected businesses are shutting down, more employees are getting laid off, institutions are closed: simply the unimaginable happened.

Still, it seems we would only know the effect of this pandemic after the whole drama ends. That is when we would know how much it has affected us all.

But that is not all: just when we thought we have had enough, another drama unfolds; first, it was Hantavirus and now, for the people of India and Bangladesh, it is Amphan Cyclone.

The cyclone struck yesterday,  claiming lives and rendering people homeless. But that is still not the end of the drama as thousands of other individuals and in danger at present.

From CNN’s Helen Regan, Swati Gupta, Vedika Sud, and Salman Saeed

Thousands of people have been left homeless in the wake of Cyclone Amphan, which slammed into India’s eastern coast yesterday afternoon, as authorities race to provide relief efforts in communities already stricken by the coronavirus. 

Amphan, which was the most powerful cyclone ever recorded in the Bay of Bengal before it weakened, ripped apart homes, tore down trees, washed away bridges and left large predominately rural areas without power or communications. 

Indian officials said that up to 300,000 people in coastal areas are in immediate danger from potentially deadly storm surges and flooding.

Evacuations across the region have been complicated by the coronavirus pandemic, as authorities attempt to maintain strict social distancing rules.

According to CNN,  There was concern that the precipitation from the storm — though it made landfall on the other side of Bangladesh — could cause landslides in the refugee camps. Those living there already are subject to squalid conditions, and there is concern that a Covid-19 outbreak could arise in the camps after cases were reported last week.

Is this the end of the 2020 nightmare?

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