Tech; a blessing in disguise in post CON-VID

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Tech; a blessing in disguise in post COVID It is no longer news that the world has battled with breath because of the pandemic Coronavirus that quietly unleashed its arsenal. Although, it has sent some to an untimely grave, crippled the pace of economic growth, aroused fears of social gathering, and shut down institutions. But what it has dawned on the human race is the need to devise a means of getting things done especially in third world countries which are through technology.

Harping on what will come to stay after CONVID, the Chief Executive Officer, CEO Gray Groups, Pst. Adegboyega Oyewusi explained during an interview with Greatness Arena radio that we are presently in the post COVID era. He posited that the CONVID-19 will end in January 2021, saying that the pandemic has affected businesses.

“Post CON-VID will not end in two weeks, this is an unfamiliar newness, it is going to be till January 2021.” He said.

Proferring solutions that would assuage businesses from sinking into the ocean, he said institutions must embrace technology. He urged individuals especially youths to sharpen their skills, saying that organizations would employ specialists who can meet the need of people. “You need to sharpen your skill in what people need not what people want. We need to move from the back door to the front door. “For professionals, I will say for you to be balanced, you must have three means of income, the world is changing and technology is taking it place.” He said Asked if Nigeria is prepared to embrace technology, the soft-spoken man said the country is forced to welcomed technology into the socio-economic ecosystem. He said there is a need for orientation in Nigeria about the digital space in order to fix the hole that might snarl technology advancement.

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