Equality and Justice, Can Mankind Ever Reach That Goal?

Can all human being be treated equally and fairly?

With ongoing protests in the United States, social media has been filled with truckloads of petitions and posts, all pleading “Justice for George Floyd”, the black American who was gruesomely murdered last week by former Minneapolis police officer, Derek Chauvin.

Equality and Justice, Can Mankind Ever Reach That Goal?

A Black-American by name George Floyd bade the world farewell last Friday due to mistreatment from the hands of Minneapolis policemen who accused him wrongly for an offence he knows nothing of.

Most people, blacks and whites combined, cited the treatment of Floyd and proposed punishment meted out on the offenders, Derek Chauvin who had already lost his job, and his colleague; Theo Thao, and two other policemen. He was accused of target attacks, racism and unfair treatments towards the black minority in country.

Nobody has ever sat back and ask why is there still inequality treatment and injustice amongst us, even at this age and century?

Justice an ideal and vision of fairness, impartiality, etc., especially with regard to the punishment of wrongdoing.

The main aim and objective of justice is for any person caught in the acts of wrongdoings to be duly punished according to the right laws, orders and statutes of the land.

But, can we boldly beat our chest that we are all living in a world of justice?

Imagine, a world where the punishment fits the crime!

Equality, the equal treatment of people irrespective of social or cultural differences.

In our current world, equality has taken on a new name, Racism, which connotes,

“..the belief of a race being superior than the other.”

But in the real sense, is it really different from equality? Did equality really exists even amongst our kinsmen and community? Has the public treated the elite and the low-class with the same respect and values?

We’ve witnessed a lot of innovations and achievements that the world has never seen in terms of technological advancement, health, sports, education and in almost all aspects of life. But we’ve not yet found a way to rid our world of inequality and injustice which has plagued mankind since the dawn of time.

As long as there is inequality, there will always be injustice.

Look all around you, the signs of inequality is everywhere amongst us.

That person that was being answered in the bank without staying in line along with the people on queue, what would call that?

The arrays of special seat or chairs for the distinguished individuals in a school event, whereas the pupils and their parents and wards were being asked to sit among the commoners, can you refer to that as normalcy?

The special VIP box given to elites to watch football match where the rest being told to sit anywhere or even not permitted to enter, is that a perfect example of equality?

The kind and special treatment been given to a prince of a royal house or a son of a great politician even after allegedly committing a crime, while the son of a nobody is being beaten to a pulp all in the name of interrogation when he was just being accused of crime he knows nothing of. Will you boldly say that is equality?

Many thought as we evolved we may rid ourselves of this inequality, but sadly it evolves with us.

What about Injustice?

A statesman being overlooked or given a lenient sentence even after being caught in an act of misgivings or stolen loots, while a common man is being lynched publicly for stealing in the market square.

Or the case of a son of registrar of an institution caught in the acts of examination malpractices was overlooked, while an ordinary son of a pauper was rusticated for the same crime.

Even George Floyd’s murderer was being charged with the third degree murder in what was supposed to be a first degree murder as it was intentional.

But what can we do against an adversary that has been present since the beginning of mankind?

I really think if the hope of one love, equality and justice were to be achieved, it’s time we all have to drop all our ego, pride, belief, protocol and standard to embrace love, oneness, unity and humility.

  • It’s time to start seeing all human being as one and equal. It’s time to stop preferential treatment and to treat all customers and clients in one way alike.
  • It’s time the son of the elites and the commoners are being viewed and regarded equally in the face of the public.
  • It’s time the standard business rule of “first come, first served” is being fully utilized irrespective of your position or statutes.
  • It’s time where the right punishment fits the crime and the saying that “No one is above the law” is really visualized.
  • It’s time to be treated fairly and equally wherever you may be disregarding your race, colour, ethnic, position, beliefs, qualifications and achievements.

If these can be achieved and implemented, then the utopia world we have been dreaming of since the dawn of time can really be achieved and fulfilled.

But until then, let’s all keep hoping.

Oluwaseyi Olomu
the authorOluwaseyi Olomu

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