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One can not stop wondering what non-Nigerians would think about this country as they observe the ongoings in the nation.

Recently, a drama ensued between a businesswoman and Nigeria’s National Centre for Disease Control which leaves people wondering if the figures that the government organization has been giving as the number of individuals infected with the COVID-19 pandemic is actually true or Nigeria has seen this pandemic as an avenue to make more money – though at the expense of the citizens’ wellbeing.

According to Punchng.com, 

“A businesswoman, who identified herself simply as Martha, has demanded explanation from the Nigeria Centre for Disease Control over her isolation at the Asokoro District Hospital, Federal Capital Territory, Abuja, despite testing negative for the COVID-19.”

The businesswoman took ill and suffered a loss of appetite and that made her brother, who is a medical doctor advise her to take the COVID-19 test which she took with her husband on May 11.

Her husband’s result was sent to him shortly while hers was not and that made her worried.

She stated, “Throughout that day, I was worried that mine was not sent.

“The next day, my husband called the NCDC to complain. They told him that they had been trying to call me, but my line was not reachable and that they did not text people who were positive.”

They later told her she tested positive for the virus, started calling her incessantly, and told her to come over to the isolation center in Abuja.

She said

“With all that, the calls were still coming in. In five minutes, I could get up to 20 missed calls. I met them in Asokoro and I saw several ambulances waiting for me.”

She said despite the assurances given to her brother that she would be taken to the Gwagwalada Hospital, where a bed space had been provided for her, a director ordered the health workers to take her to the Asokoro District Hospital as punishment for her delay.

“While I was angry and sat on the bed, I got a text message from the NCDC that the test I did on May 11, 2020, came back negative.

“Meaning, those people took me to the hospital though I was negative. If I am positive now as the doctors said, it means that I was infected in the isolation center.”

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