Rape Cases, What Causes It? And How Can It Be Avoided In Our Society?

Rape Cases, What Causes It? And How Can It Be Avoided In Our Society?

Like we all know, there’s no action without a reason. There are many countless purposes on why many Girls were being raped as cited by most of these culprit when caught, witnesses and the victims. But here are some of the major reasons why most of this cases are made possible.

Circumstantial Rape.

This mostly happen as a result of the Man uncontrolled sexual desires and any lady at that point may be a victim. This is may occur when a lady is being raped by armed robbers in her house, or when a lady is passing by in a very unoccupied places late at night or anywhere that should have been relatively secure. This mostly between Strangers, as both the victim and the offender barely know each other. But, what can be done to avoid such case?

  • Do everything in your power to stop moving or walking late at night and even if it is a must, please make sure you are not alone in your movement. At least let someone accompany you (preferably a guy), as most rapists likely goes after a lone victim.
  • Don’t take lonely or rarely passed routes. Taking routes that is always quiet is always a staging area for many evildoers, rapist included. So stop taking that shortcut.

Rape due to Vengeance.

This happens when a lady offends a guy. Probably, insulting him in public, or turning down his requests (as most guys don’t take no for an answer), such person might seek such revenge. Another example is when a lady collects gifts and financial assistance from a guy in exchange for sex and fails to deliver. What can be done to avoid it,

  • Bring down your pride and ego. Its not everyone you trash or insult in public. Even if you are not interested in him, there’s a way you can politely decline such offer to avoid any evil payback from such people.
  • Avoid asking way much you can handle. Most girls landed themselves in soup due to exorbitant materials they ask from guys.

Rape By Guardian

This is when an uncle, family or any supposed care giver takes advantage of the girl he should protect or take care of.
How to avoid such:

  • Do not trust your child into the hands of someone. As busy as you are, find a way to provide the necessary care and provide substitutes for your brief absence like a sister or female neighbor and not a male neighbor.
  • Make sure you monitor your daughter from every steps she takes toward Male Families, Friends and Neighbours.

Rape Caused By Friend.

This is when a supposed friend or group of friends of a lady who is comfortable with betrays her trust.
How to avoid it:

  • Always dress decently when visiting your Male Friend.
  • Don’t visit them alone if they are in group especially in a private place.
  • Don’t get too comfortable with friends of the opposite sex.

Its almost impossible to know the minds of someone plotting against us, as we can never see through our mindset and thoughts, but with adequate precaution and security measures.

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