Premier League Clubs To Vote and Decide On Transfer Window dates.

Premier League Clubs would vote on the dates of this Summer’s transfer window via a conference call on Thursday.

The EPL transfer window was scheduled to open on June 8 before all footballing activities were suspended in March due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Clubs would deliberate on whether to open the transfer window before the season ends or to extend the deadline till beyond October.

Under FIFA regulations, leagues may have up to 16 weeks for two registration windows. The first registration period, traditionally a summer window, must not exceed 12 weeks.

If clubs would want to utilize the maximum time given they could agree to open the window before the season ends probably on July 26, or they could decide to extend the the transfer window beyond October 5th, which is against FIFA regulations.

The FA has been in touch with the EPL and EFL clubs over this summer transfer window duration.

Following new measures in response to the coronavirus pandemic, FIFA allows a third registration period ‘in very limited circumstances’ if an association’s original window is affected.

The transfer window in England opened for one day on July 1 after the Football Association received permission from FIFA.
In which the most notable names, Hakim Ziyech from Ajax to Chelsea and Timo Werner from RB Leipzig to Chelsea got to register for a new club.

All though FIFA also plans on extending the transfer window but no duration have been meted out yet.

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