Twitter Reacts as Pastor Sam Adeyemi and Poju Oyemade debunk 5G theorist ignorance

Pastor Sam Adeyemi of DayStar Christ Centre, Lagos, has come out to debunk the 5G conspiracy theories going over the internet as plans of the antiChrist to hurt the body of Christ.

Few days ago, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome made a scene throughout the internet by jumping on the bangwagon of internet 5G theorists claiming that it was the work of the antichrist. Since the revelation, the entire body of Christ including notable Christian leaders have received backlash from all angles. In their response, respective Christian leaders have come out to support or debunk the 5G antichrist theory. One of such is Pastor Sam Adeyemi.

In a two minutes livestream with a fellow man of God, Pastor Poju Oyemade, Pastor Sam made it known by going back in time to an history that took place in the past and relating it back to today’s event.

Pastor Sam Adeyemi killing ignorance and powerpoints and misinformation in just over 2 minutes with a simple internet search and reading about a previous pandemic. If only people did their own research before jumping on conspiracy theories… 💭

Pastor Sam Adeyemi and Poju Oyemade live-streaming to their audience to debunk the 5G theories.

This has led many internet user sharing their views of the post by the two men of God. One user by name Daddy Mo said;

Reading, Traveling and Exposure are all antidotes to ignorance. If you can’t do all three, the least you can do is read. It’s extremely important in enabling you to form your own opinions and think critically.

Daddy Mo

Another responded replied under detailing the importance of the three antidotes to ignorance that are been carried out by many and yet ignorance still prevails. He said, the thing here is this; if it were in a court room the judge would have passed her judgment but in this case it is just two ends of the rope…everyone is a sheep and shepherd.

Another Twitter user , Lhorla Asuni also commented saying;

Reading is key… it gives exposure and it helps you travel mentally without physically moving..

May God enlighten those that are ignorant on this issue but think they are well informed.

Lhorla Asuni, Twitter

She stress further by establishing the fact that wherever intelligent people are gathered, there would always been an element of excellence in their behaviors.

Egbon if you attend the church you will see that people like pastor Sam has followers that can challenge ones intelligence. You cant afford to be sounding dumb around such followers. He is a blessed man.





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