Devastating: Amazon Cuts Commissions for Affiliate Program by Up to 80%

The current global economy unrest caused by the Covid-19 pandemic has had negative impact on many lives and businesses around the world.

News tip coming from Pat Flynn, a digital marketing expert has further established the fact that many businesses are struggling to scale in the midst of this crisis, one of such is Amazon, the global Ecommerce leader.

The company had silently changed the affiliate program payment plan by reducing up to 80% in some cases.

Read the email copy below;

Hello ******,

If you’ve ever promoted a product on Amazon and you’re one of the millions of members of their affiliate program (also known as, Amazon Associates), then you may have recently heard that they “quietly” announced a massive load of cuts to commission rates that will be starting on April 21st, 2020.

An email was sent on April 14th to affiliates that commission changes were happening, and they’re huge. Some categories, such as home and garden, are cut from 8%, down to 3%. Many categories are even down to 1%. This is a major blow for lots of affiliates who relied on this income, and the timing with everything else going on couldn’t be worse.

I’m filming an emergency video with alternatives that will hopefully be going live later today, however I had already scheduled an Affiliate Marketing Masterclass Training Webinar for TODAY at Noon PT (3pm ET), and I’ve updated some of the content in that training and presentation to address the changes with Amazon Associates and alternatives that we may be able to use instead.

If you’re already signed up to that webinar, awesome – no more action needed from you other than to just show up (check your emails for links to the call before it starts).

If you’re not signed up to that training, click here to be automatically registered and save your seat. It starts at NOON Pacific Time, and if you register you’ll also get access to the replay/recording, too. I’ll also be sharing lots of affiliate marketing opportunities outside of Amazon that you can use, whether you’re already doing affiliate marketing, or you’re just starting from scratch.

We’ll have over 4000 people registered and I believe there’s a 1000 person cap to the webinar software I’m using in terms of how many can be on at once, so please come in early if you can to save your seat.

Thanks so much, and I’m looking forward to seeing you, soon.

-Pat Flynn





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