Arsenal and Tottenham could beat Chelsea to Champions League next season with proposed UEFA rule change

According to a developing reports, Arsenal and Tottenham could still participate in the next season’s Champions League despite current table positions while Chelsea and Leicester City settles for Europa League if the Premier League campaign is unable to be finished.

As UEFA continues in weighing up options to conclude the current league seasons in European countries affected by the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic, SOFO.NG has learned that Chelsea and Leicester may lose out to Arsenal and Tottenham with “a variety of calendar options” being assessed.

On Tuesday, the European football governing body lowered down on their decision on domestic leagues voiding this current season after they previously threatened to ban those who did from European competition. has learned that Belgium league has earlier defied UEFA stance against European team playing in the early stage of the pandemic which caused the ban proposition.

Chelsea and Leicester are reported going to be missing out next season should the Premier League season end as the table stands. If the Premier League clubs are not allowed to play the remaining 92 games of the season, the SOFO.NG now claim UEFA could devise a new method in picking the teams that will participate in the European leagues next season. Coefficient scores have been rumored to be deployed to make a decision on who competes in both the Champions League and the Europa League next season.

Currently, Manchester United (92.000) who currently sit 5th behind Chelsea in the Premier League table has the third best coefficient score, while Arsenal (91.000) who currently sit ninth in the league table comfortably occupied the fourth position on the coefficient score. Manchester City (112.000) leads the coefficient score table while the current league table leader, Liverpool (99.000) occupied the second place in the score.

Tottenham (85.000) currently sit eighth in the Premier league table, sit fifth while Chelsea (83.000), who are fourth in the current premier league season, are sixth. Leicester City (22.000), who currently sit third in the halted season table, are at a disadvantaged seventh position on the coefficient score table.

With this revelation, Chelsea and Leicester City’s chances of playing in the UEFA Champions League next season are slim but there is a certainty of playing in the Europa League.

The supporters of these teams are better ready for what is coming except the season gets concluded as earlier expected.


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