The “Art of REMINISCE” – A Day Into The Life of Legendary ALAGA IBILE

In this episode of Peter Talker’s diary, let’s go on a field trip into the life of one of the Legends of Hip Hop Rap Culture in Nigeria, Reminisce Alaga Ibile!


Rap is a genre of music that involves the full use of poetry. Rap can be defined as RHYTHM and POETRY; no doubt this is true, check all songs, mixtapes, E.Ps, and albums by every rapper on the face of this planet, they create rhythms through spoken words/poetry. These words of fire have created a culture that transcends from generation to generation, rap has moved as a culture from the street of Harlem to the uttermost part of the world with the mix of different languages.

In Nigeria, we have indigenous hip-hop music rappers and there are different generals that lead this course and represent each region. Eastern Nigeria has Phyno, Southwest has Olamide and Reminisce, while the Northerners have Classiq. Let’s focus on southwestern Nigeria and one of its generals, Reminisce Alaga Ibile.

Remilekun Abdulkalid Safaru, known by his stage name Reminisce and Alaga Ibile is a rapper, singer, songwriter, and actor. He performs in both English and his native language, Yoruba. He is a prolific and versatile rapper who represents what hip-hop music stands for anywhere in the world. His music can be seen as street hop but his music is more hardcore than we think. Since his first rap verse on 9ice’s “Bachelor’s life”, from then he has become a force to listen to. His rap voice is actually the voice of the street. Through his songs, you could feel the pain of the common man and how the street responds to life.

Who Really Is Reminisce Alaga Ibile?

So many arguments by different music critics and analysts that his lyrics are vulgar and not suitable for the younger generation but we all tend to forget that he represents the street and that street is a dangerous place with sharpened words. He proves this with his words and shows how the street responds to life, love, and beauty. His description of women might be considered unsafe but women will say the only way they like to be addressed will be the real way. His song, “TESOJUE” sends a sexual message to women that a heavenly pleasure is guaranteed through intimacy.

His hip-hop life always narrates his pain and glory, listen to “BABA HAFUSA” the song narrates Alaga Ibile’s royalty, the pain through the years, how he became one of the street rap generals. He is also proud of his native language and his indigenous rap style, the proceed to feature his fellow generals; Olamide and Phyno and they all gave a definition of “LOCAL RAPPERS”, if any upcoming indigenous rapper shows he or she must follow the definition of this rap style.

Reminisce tells us his pain and sacrifice he paid for the game, he lost his parents and has learned about life in a hard way. “I REMEMBER” would give you goosebumps when you’re listening to it, you will know the King was once a servant to the game and shows the road to the throne was never smooth.

Alaga Ibile’s ways of code-mixing and code-switching made a rap cypher warlord from songs like “BUSAYO” which features Ice Prince, his rap verse in “FINISH LINE (remix)” by Dee Money and Asalamalekum. His flows glide like a stream anytime he delivers. He never sees to surprise and give a wonderful work of art for his fans. He reps the street credibility to the highest, he drops fire anytime he got the opportunity to hold the mic. His first five lines on Vector’s “KING KONG (remix)” made every Yoruba rapper proud and he represented well.

THE ART OF REMINISCE ALAGA IBILE - Peter Talker's Diary on one of the Legends of HIP-HOP RAP CULTURE in Nigeria
The god of music will not in quick time forget the great impact of Alaga Ibile himself to the Nigerian Hip Hop Rap Culture. Today, we refer him as one of the legends of the game!

Is Reminisce Alaga Ibile romantic?

Well Yes, a complete African man respects his partner and family, keeps danger from them. We could hear this in his lines in “69 MISSED CALLS” and “CLAP” by Falz. Reminisce also knows how to protect his heart from been broken by a woman, he explains it in “PONMILE”, where he warned against emotional and physical abuse. He also tells the world that rappers are the best lovers in his track “IFE”.

Personally, I will call Reminisce the King of Street slangs, he knows how to blend the same slangs and cliches used by hommies in his songs. There are different songs that portray this movement and he also gets massive audiences, airplay anytime anywhere. These songs include “SKILASHI”, “KAKO BI CHICKEN”, “FATASI”, TESOJUE”, “2MUSSH”, “KPOMO” and whole lots more.

Is he a motivational speaker?

Reminisce also preaches focus, dedication through his songs and that is the ultimate goal of the street hustlers, to get more money and take care of the family, the song “DAILY BASIS”, “DADDY MI” featuring Davido, “TELEPHONE” with Olamide. This is also a major lesson we all need to learn to always ‘Grind’ and more good life.

There as always been an intense argument from Yoruba Hip-hop fans which is “Who is the greatest, Olamide or Reminisce?” I would advise we should stop this comparison and enjoy their artistry, these two are legends in their lane.

Let me conclude by saying, my favorite Reminisce record will be “SAIDA”, I love the groove and message of love it passes across.

Like Reminisce will say, “Never Stop Grinding“…

In a Wrap!

It is a real fact to say Alaga Ibile is one of the living legends of hip hop rap culture in Nigeria.

The effect of Covid has affected the music industry paparazzi and we can’t wait to start attending concerts and showbiz events to see more of these starts.

My diary aims at delving into the explicit path of each subject where most writers would not want to thread – Peter Talker is answering the call of duty to critiquing the creativity and willingness of actors to make a lasting impact in the music and entertainment industry.

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