COVID-19 Lockdown: Immigration Arrests 3 Togolese In Iseyin After Escaping Border Patrols has learned that three Togolese nationals were on Wednesday held at the Odo-Omu area of Iseyin local government after they escaped border patrols at Iseyin from the Republic of Benin through Saki and arrived Iseyin on Tuesday.

Three (3) Togolese citizens, commando Kwasi, Eberivie Isiaq both male adults and Kemi Terivie, a female mother of one went to Cotonou, the Republic of Benin in January and returned for the new farming season.

The Nigerian government announced a total blockade of Nigerian borders at the break of the COVID-19 pandemic alongside other countries around the world to curb the spread of the virus.

3 Togolese citizens nabbed at Iseyin border in Oyo state

The Chairman, Iseyin local government, Hon. Mufutau Abilawon who, alongside the representative of Aseyin of Iseyin, High Chief Ikolaba of Iseyin, Chief Ismail Odubiyi, and medical members of COVID-19 local committee were at the residence of the foreigners to ascertain their travel history and medical condition.

Hon Abilawon said,

“We rushed here, Iseyin, when we heard of the information to ascertain its veracity and quickly nip the spread in the bud. As directed by Oyo State governor, we are not to cover any case of an illegal incursion of foreigners or COVID-19 cases as the government is working day and night to stop the spread of this deadly disease within the state. Members of the COVID-19 committee are here with us and they have questioned the individuals (the Togolese) to know their health status and travel history, but we are not stopping at this, we need to have an emergency meeting with all Community Chiefs (the Baales) tomorrow morning to warn them from harboring foreigners that just came in till this crisis is over. The arrival of foreigners to the agrarian communities will assist farmers during planting season in which we are, but we have to face the reality of what is on the ground, our lives are more valuable than any other thing, we must curtail their influx.”

COVID-19 Lockdown - Nigerian Immigration Arrests 3 Togolese In Iseyin After Escaping Border Patrols
Nigerian Immigration has arrested three Togolese nationals for entering Nigeria illegally by escaping border patrols at Iseyin in Oyo state.

However, shortly after the COVID-19 committee for the local government, led by the Interim local government Chairman, Hon. Mufutau Abilawon and traditional chiefs left the scene, while the personnel of the Nigerian Immigration Service (NIS), arrested two of the individuals.

The officers under the Iseyin local government jurisdiction said the two individuals arrested were those who arrived on Tuesday while the third one was affirmed to have been around before the time, hence the susceptibility of having the virus.

The leader of the team, who spoke under anonymity, said the two individuals Eberivie Isiaq and Kemi Terivie who were arrested would be taken to the State Headquarters of the Immigration service on Thursday.

More details shortly…


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