Top 10 Nigerian RnB Music Artistes [King of R&B Music in Nigeria]

When you conduct a search on RNB artistes in Nigeria, search engines mostly return Afro Pop artistes who have had little or no impact in the R&B genre. So, in this article, I will be taking you through a list of the top 10 Nigerian RNB music artistes who have had a big impact on making the RnB category popular in Nigeria.

Love, they say makes the world go around which can be defined as true. Humans, at some point in life, tend to fall in love and also get heartbroken. Most times, while in love with another human, we usually feel this sexual attraction to always have heavenly sex with our partners. Of course, such sexual orientated feelings are sometimes assisted with heart-touching sounds and cozy songs that give love-making a sense of satisfaction and heightened pleasure. About two years ago, there was a tense argument on who the “King of RnB” was. Sean Combs, popularly known as Diddy gave a very good definition of the genre:

“RnB music is a music genre that has strong lyrics which are romantic, full of emotions which would make listeners want to have sex immediately”.

Sean Combs also known as Puff Daddy or Diddy.

This definition got me thinking about the RnB genre in Nigeria and I came up with my own Top 10 Nigerian RnB Artistes, but before I continue further, let me quickly give you Wikipedia definition for RnB;

Rhythm and blues, abbreviated as R&B or RnB, is a genre of popular music that originated in African American communities in the 1940s.”


In ranking Nigerian R&B music artistes, you have to go down memory lane to start giving the right respects to some of the legends of Nigerian RnB music artistes who have graced the stage representing this genre of music. As much as we know this would be a daunting task, we have to appreciate the ones who are still with us today who we see as the current best Nigerian R&B music artistes of this time.

Top 10: Best Nigerian RnB Music Artistes Of This Time

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Here are the top ten Nigerian R&B Music artistes of our time with quality body of art, worth celebrating;

  1. Praiz
  2. Banky W (Bankole Wellington)
  3. Timi Dakolo
  4. DAREY (Dare At Alade)
  5. WAJE (Words Aren’t Just Enough)
  6. Johnny Drille
  7. Ric Hassani
  8. Nonso Amadi
  9. Chike
  10. Seyi Shay

10 Best Nigerian R&B Music Artistes Till Date [King of RnB in Nigeria]

10 Best Nigerian RnB Music Artistes - List by Peter Talker
The contemporary RnB artistes in Nigeria are hardly recognized for their work, so here are the 10 best Nigerian R&B music artistes for 2020 who we believe has had a positive impact on making Rhythm and Blues popular in Nigeria.


Seyi Shay - Top Nigerian RnB Artist
Seyi Shay, born 21 December 1985 as Oluwaseyi Odedere (now Deborah Oluwaseyi Joshua) is a popular Nigerian RnB singer, songwriter, and actress.

She started her career in 2001 but gained access to the Nigerian industry in 2011 when her single “Loving Your Way” had massive airplay on radio stations across the country. Her song “Right Na” was also a hit in 2015; of which the remix featured Banky W and Iyanya. Her voice and stage performance have been so energetic that you would be inspired to love her body. Her song with Runtown “Gimme Love” in 2019 rocked charts for weeks. Seyi Shay has to be one of the female custodians of RnB in the industry.


Chike - Popular Nigerian RnB Artist
Chike, born on 28 January 1993 as Ezekpeazu Osebuka is an RnB singer, songwriter, and actor from Onitsha, Anambra, Nigeria. He became popular for his debut album titled Boo Of The Booless after his exploits on the Nigerian Project Fame West Africa TV reality show in 2015 and for finishing as runner-up in The Voice Nigeria Season 1 TV talent competition.

The success of his debut album put him on this list of top Nigerian R&B artistes making waves in the creative industry. He tried getting into the industry with PROJECT FAME but THE VOICE gave him a wonderful spotlight with his magical performance of different songs. If you have not checked his songs, it is not too late to go through his album “Boo of the Booless”. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.


Nonso Amadi - One of The Best Nigerian RnB Artistes (Top 10 Nigerian R&B Artistes for 2020)
Another interesting top Nigerian R&B artistes next on my list is Nonso. Nonso Amadi is a Nigerian RnB singer, songwriter, and music producer. Born on September 1, 1995, and raised in Ikoyi, Lagos, Nigeria before moving to the United Kingdom to continue his education at Swansea University.

He is a Nigerian singer and songwriter. Just like Chike, his music career started in 2012 while he was studying at covenant University. These two are the new generation of Nigerian RnB artiste being blessed to grace our headphones and speakers with sweet melodies, He is one of the new generations of RnB genres in the country. His breakthrough hit track ‘Tonight’ made lover’s playlist. He has a cool, soothing voice that will make you feel the love of the younger generation. He has been featured with legends of this genre like Banky W and Paul Play, which is quite recent. He has tracks like ‘No Crime’, ‘Dial Me’, ‘Radio’, ‘Never’, and lots more.


Ikechukwu Eric Ahiauzu (a.k.a Ric Hassani) Biography on
Ikechukwu Eric Ahiauzu popularly known on stage as Ric Hassani is #7 on my top list of Nigerian R&B artistes with meaningful impacts in the music industry. He is a Nigerian R&B singer, songwriter, and musician from Port Harcourt. He was born on 6 January 1989 from Port Harcourt, Southern part of Nigeria.

This is one of the sexiest male vocalists we have in Nigeria. He hails from Port Harcourt, Rivers State. A singer and a prolific songwriter whose limelight hit us with his debut single ‘Hello’. After this, he shocked the world with ‘Gentleman’ in 2016 which gave him several nominations. His smooth vocals make his songs an angelic vibe, coupled with his slim and sexy body which definitely is an addition to the feeling we derive from his songs. Songs like ‘Marry You’, ‘Love Me’, ‘Joy’, ‘Sweetest Thing’, ‘As Long As You Love Me’ are songs that will make you fall in love over and over again.


JOHNNY DRILLE - The Master of Alternative Rock with Beautiful Voice
Johnny Drille, born as John Ighodaro was raised from a family of seven by his clergy Father and mother in Edo State. He has since grown to become one of the voices of Nigerian RnBs with soul-touching vocal and sound beats – I call him “The Master of Alternative Rock”. He is one of my best RnB artistes getting enough airplay in the Nigerian entertainment industry at the moment.

John Ighodaro hails from Edo State, Nigeria. He is a songwriter, music producer, and singer. He is an alternative rock artiste but has the blood of an RnB singer. His style is always beautiful and perfect. He would be the first Nigerian to make pidgin English so sexy and romantic to make music with. Since his cover of Dija’s ‘Awww’, he has not ceased to bless us with lots of love songs. His songs have been used as wedding theme songs, sometimes giving brides goosebumps. Songs like ‘Romeo and Juliet’, ‘Dear Future Wife’, ‘Count On You’, ‘Forever’, ‘Finding Efe’, and lots more makes ladies shout for joy especially when he climbs the stage to perform. His Music Mondays video on social media is another way he reaches to his fans.


WAJE - Words Aren't Just Enough (Top Nigerian R&B Artistes Representing The Industry
WAJE, born Aituaje Iruobe, is a multi-talented Nigerian singer, songwriter, and vocalist. She gained prominence in the entertainment industry when she was featured on P-Square’s remix of “Omoge Mi” in 2015. She later appeared on the PSquare’s 2008 hit “Do Me” which was the song of the moment at the time, and that further established her brand name “W.A.J.E” which is an acronym for “Words Aren’t Just Enough” into the industry.

She is the most prominent female vocalist with a vocal range of three octaves. Aituaje Aina Vivian Ebele Iruobe is her real name, Aituaje Iruobe for short, hails from Edo state, in Nigeria. She is a songwriter, singer, and also judges for musical reality shows. She came to limelight when she featured in P’Square’s hit track ‘Do Me’. She was also a major part of M.I’s ‘One Naira’ and Banky W’s ‘Thief My Kele’. She has powerful vocals that call the listener’s attention, her songs will make you as a woman love your partner better. She has songs like ‘I Wish’, ‘Left For Good’, ‘ Oh My’, ‘Oko Mi’, ‘Udue’, ‘Na The Way’, ‘Be Mine’ and many more. WAJE has later gone on to become one of the best R&B artistes in Nigeria serenading her millions of fans across the country and the rest of the world with her voice.


DAREY - Dare At Alade - One Of The Best Nigerian RnB Artistes
When the legendary Nigerian entertainer, Art Alade was raving during his days, little did he knew his that legacy and name would continue to trend for decades after – not just for his own exploits, but for something different. Today, Dare Art Alade, his son, popularly known as Darey by his loyal fans, has taken the baton and running the race as one of Nigerian RnB artistes of excellence. He is a singer-songwriter and one of the Nigerian Idol TV series judges.

DAREY, also known as Darey Art Alade, practically got his musical talent from his family, especially his father who was in the entertainment business back in the days. He is a songwriter, singer, and pianist; he is also the creator of ‘Love Like A Movie’ concert in Lagos. His hit song ‘Escalade’ in 2006 is an RnB classic Nigerians would remember. Even with the upturn of no real content in music, he still maintains his love songs. His piano classic song ‘Not The Girl’ was at the top for the best break-up song that year. Some Nigerians still love his strong vocals and expression of love in tracks like “With This Woman’, ‘The way you are’, ‘Sisi Eko’ and lots more made romance top-notch in any relationship.


Timi Dakolo is one of the best RnB artistes in Nigeria with international exposure for the genre,
Timi Dakolo, born on 20 January 1981 in Accra, Ghana, was a multi-award winning Nigerian singer. Iyawo Mi singer occupies #3 on Peter Talker’s list of top Nigerian RnB artistes because of his style of delivering his nature-inspired songs.

He came to our faces and ears after winning the maiden edition of IDOLS WEST AFRICA in 2007. A native of Bayelsa State and married to Busola, who is Timi’s major muse to his romantic and passionate lyrics. His song ‘Iyawo Mi’ was a major hit that made the playlist at weddings across the world. We also remember songs like ‘The Vow’, ‘Medicine’, Beautiful Noise, Darling, Merry Christmas in which he featured  Emeli Sandé last year Christmas, and lots more. Let us not forget his high pitched fire voice during his performance on stage that sends shivers down our spines. Timi has shown over the years that he’s versatile and can fit into any category of music in Nigeria by appearing on different collaborations with other artists such as Olamide in “Take”, and many others, and that cements his top spot in my best Nigerian RnB artistes list.


Best Nigerian R&B Music Artistes: Banky W is multi-faceted Nigerian Rhythm and Blues singer, rapper, actor and politician
One particular act that we would make a mistake of not mentioning is Banky Wellington when it is time to list top RnB music artistes in Nigeria. Banky W, as he’s fondly called, is multi-faceted Nigerian Rhythm and Blues singer, rapper, actor and now, a politician.

Olubankole Wellington is a singer, songwriter, actor and in recent times, a politician. He owns a record label EMPIRE MATES ENTERTAINMENT (EME records for short). Since his debut single, ‘Ebute-meta’, he stole the hearts of Nigerians. He then proceeded to shower us with love songs that make love easy and sweet. We remember, ‘Strong Tin’ was a sweet RnB song that will always remain in our hearts. He has a lot of songs like ‘Don’t Break My Heart’, ‘Feeling It” featuring M.I, ‘Omoge Mi’ featuring Wizkid, ‘High Notes’, ‘Loving You’, ‘Made For You’ and a whole lot more that reminds us of his best input to guarantee a place in the rank of top Nigerian RnB artistes. All these tracks will tell that he is truly a custodian of love; Adesua Etomi, his wife is a living witness.


Praise Ugbede Adejo, known as PRAIZ, is the King of Nigerian RnB Music
Praiz is a Nigerian R&B singer, songwriter, and producer. He is the only artist from this list of Nigerian R&B Music artistes that got recognized on Wikipedia as a Rhythm and Blues singer, unlike others who are linked to other genres. I guess this tells a lot about why he’s leading this category.

Praiz is a Nigerian R&B singer, songwriter, and producer. He is the only artist from this list of Nigerian R&B Music artistes that got recognized on Wikipedia as a Rhythm and Blues singer, unlike others who are linked to other genres. I guess this tells a lot about why he’s leading this category.

Praise Ugbede Adejo, born 8 March 1984 in Kogi State, Nigeria, is a singer, songwriter, and music producer. He came to limelight after he finished second runner-up at the inaugural edition of PROJECT FAME WEST AFRICA. Ever since he has always been giving us Nigerian RnB hits that make love sweet. Songs like ‘I Love You’ will make you retake your vow with your partner. ‘Folashade’ makes it sweet to love him and his electrifying vocals that command ladies to fall. His lyrics represent a perfect love that anyone would dream to have in their relationship. His last album KING, I would say is a complete representation of an African sex album; most especially ’69’ which features Burna Boy and Ikechukwu gives vivid and perfect sex position lovers would enjoy. For consistent and mind-blowing hits he gives every time, I will call him the “King of R&B in Nigeria

Wrapping Up On The Best Nigerian R&B Music Artistes Of All Times [King of R&B in Nigeria]

KING OF R&B IN NIGERIA - PRAIZ (Mr. Rich & Famous)
KING OF R&B IN NIGERIA – PRAIZ (Mr. Rich & Famous)

The contemporary RnB artists in Nigeria aren’t the Wizkids or the Davidos that Wikipedia mostly accords the title, and it is high time we start to recognize the right people for their work of art, especially in this unorganized category. The above are the top 10 Nigerian RnB Music Artistes that are making waves, who have added value to the genre in Nigeria.

In ranking Nigerian R&B music artistes, you have to go down memory lane to start giving the right respects to some of the legends of Nigerian RnB music artistes who have graced the stage representing this genre of music. As much as we know this would be a daunting task, we have to appreciate the ones who are still with us today who we see as the current best Nigerian R&B music artistes of this time.

You know I just like to keep it real by critiquing works of entertainment that is worth airplay while pointing out where extra care needs to be applied…I see this list of Nigerian RnB music artistes as a realistic listing of guys who truly are contributing to this category, but these are my opinion, though! You might have better suggestions, that is why the comment section is open for us to begin an engagement.

So guys, let’s talk about the Top Nigerian R&B Music Artistes and how we could improve getting the right guys gets the accolades for their efforts.


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    I do agree with this list…just that SEYI SHAY should’ve been a bit higher on the ranking. These Rnb artistes are underrated truly. I went to search on google too to confirm what you said, it is true. It was the likes of Wizkid and Davido that was shown to me as R&B artistes in Nigeria which wasn’t so. Thanks Peter for documenting this.

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