2 Coronavirus patients abscond Isolation Centre in Oyo State

Two corona virus patients have absconded in Oyo state, the governor of the state Engr. Seyi Makinde has said.

This reduced the number of active cases in Oyo state from 33 to 31.

The governor who posted the information via his Twitter handle, stated that the absconded patients possibly may have returned to the permanent place of residence

“Of all the 33 active cases being managed by the state government, two have absconded, possibly to their permanent places of residence. This brings the number of active cases in Oyo State to 31.”

He added that 10 cases of the 31 cases in Oyo state are self-isolating while 21 cases are being managed in the isolation centre.

“Ten cases are self-isolating while twenty-one cases are being managed in the isolation centres in Oyo State; one at the University College Hospital, Ibadan & twenty in Olodo. Nineteen of these twenty cases at Olodo are asymptomatic and the last person has anosmia (loss of smell).

He announced that,

“A total of 975 samples have so far, been collected and are being processed.”


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