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It’s good news for the citizens of Ogun State as the Governor declared that the easing of the lockdown in the state.

Recall that Ogun State was the second state in Nigeria to record a case of Coronavirus after Lagos, and the government, in an effort to curb the spread of the pandemic announced a lockdown which has been extended till now.

Needless to say that people could not move within the state and economic activities were affected. However, the people we’re eager for a ‘release’ as neighbouring states -Oyo and Lagos- eased the lockdown.

Fortunately, their wish was granted when the Governor, Dapo Abiodun, addressed the people last week. The Governor stated this on Thursday evening while addressing newsmen on the update of COVID -19 held at his Oke -Mosan office.

The Ogun State Governor, Dapo Abiodun, has eased lockdown in the state except on weekends.

According to, the governor addresses newsmen on Thursday and said


“This second phase has two major elements of further relaxation of the restrictions and expansion in the number of days.

“In contrast to the current three days of Monday, Wednesday, and Friday, this new phase opens up all the five working days in the week I .e Monday to Friday, with only Saturday and Sunday as lockdown days.

“In addition, there will be no time restriction from Monday to Friday, with the exception of the curfew period from 8 . 00 pm or as may be directed by the President.”

“Let no one make a mistake. COVID – 19 is neither over nor the curve of the spread flattened. From all available data and simulations, we are yet to reach our peak. Consequently, the further easing of the lockdown is not a license to believe the worst is over.”

“For the avoidance of doubt, all the existing guidelines to combat COVID -19 in the state remain in place. In addition, specific guidelines to guide the operations of industries have been issued and must be fully complied with by all industries, as part of preparations for full operations.”

“The curfew from 8 .00 pm to 6. 00 am as directed by the President is still in place.”

“Restrictions on Interstate travel are also retained. Wearing face masks in the public is still mandatory Only one passenger is still allowed for motorcycles, otherwise known as okadas, whilst tricycles are limited to two passengers only.”

Is this really good news for the citizens?






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