13 Things COVID-19 has proven

In the event of turbulence around the world just like Covid-19 or coronavirus, some facts will certainly come out to disprove what people has been made to accept. Let’s talk about 13 things COVID-19 has proven.

13 Things Covid-19 Has Proven

  1. The job you were told couldn’t be done remotely can be done remotely.
  2. Many disabled workers could have been working from home, but corporations just didnt want them to. Like the case of @ImTheRiceBall1 who was disabled with Fibromyalgia, an impairment with limited use of dominant hand. He find this pandemic as an opportunity to get job to do. https://twitter.com/imthericeball1/status/1238262505715220485?s=21
  3. Internet is a utility, not a luxury.
  4. Universal healthcare is necessary.
  5. Paid sick leave is necessary.
  6. Grown-ups should learn proper hygiene.
  7. Public spaces can & should be cleaned regularly.
  8. Gov’t can move quickly & efficiently when it wants to.
  9. Moving to paperless workplaces is essential. According to a twitter user, he has this to say; “This is a MUST! I am working with the census this year. Let me tell you how much paper is wasted! Everything we do can and SHOULD have been done electronically. Especially with all the money spent on electronics thus far for the census. We have people paper-training who never even saw the material before, and not even from our own dept. Not only that, but don’t even have a clue what all the acronyms stand for.” It’s not like they didn’t have 10 years to prepare for this.
  10. The definitions of proven, necessary, and essential have changed.
  11. Toilet paper is a vital element and we still don’t know why.
  12. Touchscreens everywhere was perhaps not the best of ideas.
  13. Universities can, in fact, offer many classes online.

What is the way forward?

According to Jameson Loop on Twitter, he made two suggestions;

  1. Prepare yourself to weather extreme events like pandemics.
  2. Prepare to fight politicians who will inevitably seek to leverage crises to curtail civil liberties. This is the time to stand up and be realistic with yourself. This is more like using the pandemic to generate more wealth for banks and large corporate CEOs. You must not fall for this. Stay woke.






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